I became interested in reflexology when I had a series of treatments for detoxification after having mercury poisoning from leaking amalgam fillings and  I realised how wonderful it was!

I felt so energised after each treatment and it seemed to improve  my whole body.

After training in reflexology for 2 years I understood why it felt so powerful ,as it helps unblocks energy in the zones of the body, allowing energy to flow more freely and aid healing. I am fully qualified, registered with the Association of Reflexologists and insured to practice.

I have specialised in Reflexology since 1990 and am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists, our recognised professional body.  

I am continually expanding my knowledge of different forms of Reflexology and related therapies by regularly attending courses and workshops.

Foot reading is like a hand reading - you "read" the client's health through the feet and treat accordingly. 

I have recently moved from Suffolk, where a I had a thriving practise, to be nearer my family in Chepstow.  It feels like coming back to my roots as  I lived here 25 years ago. 

One of the most important things in my life is meditation, as it aids every aspect of my life as well as my therapies. I learned to meditate 20 years ago and it has enriched my life in every way.

I treat each client as a unique spiritual being - a soul - travelling on their journey through this life, and anything I can do to aid their journey I am happy to facilitate.

Just call me for a phone consultation without obligation.

Linda Walker, MAR
Member of the Association of Reflexologists
Fully qualified and insured

Linda Walker with grandson Toby