Foot therapies have been around for thousands of years as people instinctively knew that it made them feel better. Modern Reflexology evolved during the last century when Dr William Fitzgerald, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, discovered that by working in one area of the body, it could have a beneficial effect on another part of the body. He believed they were linked by an energetic network and he called his discovery Zone Therapy

As it evolved over the years, foot charts were compiled showing how the whole body was reflected in the feet and hands and it became known as Reflexology which has developed into a dynamic treatment in its own right.

By working gently on the feet or hands, the trained therapist is, in effect, giving a treatment to every part of the body, which is mirrored in the feet. This can ease aches and pains, improve circulation, help energy flow more freely and restore the body to its natural healthy state.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment which means that the whole person is treated and not just the symptom. Suitable for all ages, improvements can be achieved in a wide range of illnesses, both physical and emotional. Stress is the root cause of many diseases nowadays and Reflexology is particularly good at helping to create a deep state of relaxation, enabling the body's self-healing process to restore a feeling of well-being and better health.

Linda has trained in many different aspects of Reflexology and has created her own unique way of working so that clients may enjoy a very special treatment.

Used regularly, Reflexology is an enjoyable and effective preventative therapy for those wishing to maintain good health and optimum performance and can aid recovery from a variety of conditions.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an alternative practice that can help remove ear wax.

Ear candles are made of cotton or linen that's wound into a cone shape, soaked in wax, and then allowed to harden.

This hollow candle is inserted through a hole in a plate specially designed to collect wax, and placed into the external ear canal. The candle is lit at the opposite end.

Proponents of ear candling claim that this creates a low-level vacuum that draws ear wax and other debris out of the ear and into the hollow candle. After the procedure, a dark, waxy substance is usually left in the stub of the candle.

Many people find it to be a relaxing and satisfying procedure.




Prices vary according to treatment type and length.

Please call Linda to discuss your requirements



“Linda's technique is quite unique.

She seems able to read my body like a book. Her treatments give me the best relief from back pain of all the different treatments I have had over many years and it gives longer lasting relief than other treatments too .”

Monica Porter, Norfolk

Sonia Kwong,  London

“It was amazing - after just one treatment with linda the chilblains on my feet had improved! It was as though life had been brought back to them. two days later there was no itching or inflammation and they had completely healed .”

 Maternity Preparation and Morning Sickness

Reflexology can prepare mother and baby during the pregnancy and to aid delivery.  It is a specialised area, which helps maintain a healthy pregnancy and relaxes mother and child.  It is also helpful in women who wish to conceive.


Pain Relief

Reflexology and especially linking are techniques which can be very effective for pain relief, both acute and chronic pain in any area of the body.

“I had a knee problem for over 2 years and Linda cured it in 6 sessions! and it hasn't come back. I am so grateful to her.”

S Short, Chepstow

Relieve Digestive symptoms

Linda has specialised in aiding the relief of digestive problems due to her own experience of overcoming serious digestive issues. Call her for a consultation over the phone to discuss your particular problem